Due to AAH receiving higher than normal volumes of ordering, there may be delays in getting products to you from their distribution centre. They are working hard to fulfil l your orders quickly, but AAH is asking customers to not try to re-order.

AAH is therefore making the following immediate changes to their service:

  • AAH is currently experiencing a disproportionate number of returned products that have been ordered in error. The processing of these returns is taking up valuable resources and driver capacity that we need to focus on the delivery of medicines.
  • Therefore, AAH will not be accepting returns of this category with immediate effect from 21st March 2020. AAH will keep this under review and update you if anything changes.
  • Other returns are not affected. AAH will be reviewing this policy on an ongoing basis, so please see http://www.aah.co.uk/shop/en-GB/aahpoint/returns-policy
  • Their cut off times will also be changed from today, 19th March 2020.