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Drug Comparison is one of the most comprehensive online drug comparison website in the UK. It enables pharmacies to compare prices of Dispensary and Shop Floor lines from their suppliers on a single order screen panel efficiently and effortlessly. 

Due to our recent success with the Drug Comparison we are offering a 30 day free no obligation trial so see how much it could save your pharmacy time and money. With no minimum contract and an average saving for Pharmaco Members of £1000 per month you have got nothing to lose but a lot to gain so take advantage of this exclusive offer today and join the DRUG COMPARISON.

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"Drug Comparison is an innovative software. I have yet to encounter something as simple and straightforward when it comes to ordering stock. It gives the latest price updates from different suppliers and also updates you when items are out of stock. It automatically refers the order without any hassle. Every Pharmacy should have this as it saves up a lot of time and money."
- Nurbaiti Zainalabidin (Pre-reg Student, Dec 2015)

"Drug Comparison is an excellent web based software that I believe any Pharmacy will benefit from! I work in a Pharmacy where we use multiple suppliers and shop around for our medicines and other products. Drug Comparison has made this process fast and simple by allowing me to compare suppliers' up to date prices on one screen and then order those products directly through the software. I have also found the software to be very resourceful with information like the Drug Tariff and NCSO and Price Concession information built in. The web transmission is brilliant with immediate replies on out of stocks and smart reordering. Not only has Drug Comparison made shopping around for products easy and efficient, but it has saved our Pharmacy a lot of money by ensuring we are always getting the best deal available. My advice is try it!"
- Alireza Jaffer (Pharmacy Assistant Manager, Dec 2015)

"A great easy to use software which saves a lot of time and money. A must have for all pharmacies."
- Mujtaba Asharia (MRPharmS, Nov 2015)